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Our Signature Request Cards give you the ability to do just that, by requesting music directly to the DJ in real time.

Scan our cards, type your request... here comes your song.

We fulfill requests in this unique way to retain crowd engagement from the start to finish at all events.

What sets Request DJ Services apart from their competitors?

You can always walk over to our DJ for a song request, but have you ever thought of sliding into their DMs?

We play it your way.

Our unique style of taking requests and interacting with each guest is crucial to make everyone not only feel connected, but to be one with the music.

We have high quality staging, lighting and professional audio equipment to create any customized package for your event.

What makes us the

best entertainment choice?

We treat all events like our own as it is a privilege to celebrate such

memorable occasions.

An investment for you is an investment for us.

We truly care about taking away all of your stress leading up to the date of the booking. We ensure your experience will be first class and each memory with friends and family will be forever celebrated.

We would love to be your DJ as we want the best experience for you.


Are the DJs experienced?

The Request DJ team has been performing collectively at a professional level for over a decade. We entertain events of any kind and adjust to each crowd with our ability to play all genres of music. We hold public residency at The Canadian Brewhouse on weekends and special events for the past three years and have associations with Moxies, WestSide Grand, Boston Pizza, The Buck & Ear and more.

 Our DJs blend each song together to create energy and excitement for you and your guests.


What equipment do you provide?

You name it, we have it.

Top grade audio equipment, lighting, visual effects, staging and everything in between. Our precise and controlled equipment is carefully selected to provide the best experience at your event.

Let us design your vision and turn it into reality.

What kind of events do you specialize in?

All events, of any kind, we have you covered.

We have experience with weddings, corporate events, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras, debuts, pub nights, birthdays, anniversaries and various other public and private events.

When booking us, every event is guaranteed for success.

How much do you charge?

We offer multiple packages based on certain criteria.

What is the nature of your upcoming event?

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